It’s been a year.

Much has transpired since I last posted on this blog shortly before Christmas last year. Rather than spend 13 paragraphs detailing my life, I felt an update in list form would be much more efficient.

1. I have decided where I’m going to college.


3. I turned 18.

4. Yikes.

5. School is almost over.

6. I couldn’t be happier about that.

7. I couldn’t be more sad about that.

8. I am having some serious struggles planning my graduation party.

9. As I write this, I am simultaneously ordering more Polaroid film.

10. I’ve spent my days half asleep in class, and my nights half asleep at home.

11. I’m going through cycles of complete¬†apathy interspersed with bursts of sudden inspiration and energy.

12. Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck.

13. But I’m also feeling free.

14. This is a time of contradictions for me.

15. Or maybe it isn’t.

16. I’m drinking a passion tea lemonade.

17. I don’t feel like an adult yet.

18. But I want to.

19. I missed writing on this blog.

20. I’m happy to be back.