4 days.

Only 4 days until I can officially say I “live” in California. My friends are dropping off like flies, to this university and that university, and I feel like I’m the only one left. It’s kinda sad, but we all knew this would happen. With the fear, excitement and anticipation of the big move hanging over my head like a cartoon anvil, I’ve been racing to make sure I have everything I need. I shipped 2 huge boxes of stuff to the hotel in CA, and am probably going to ship one more. Clothes, shoes, gadgets are all coming with me on the plane. I plan to take full advantage of our 6 allotted checked bags. But, I can’t pack my clothes until:

1. They’re all clean

2. I won’t need them to look cute during this last week at home.

AKA I’m stalling.

But at least I’m honest.

Boxes, taped and ready to be shipped westward!
Boxes, taped and ready to be shipped westward!

I also think I’m ready. I’ve gone to visit a friend who is attending a university fairly close to home, and, before that, I’d never seen a college campus in “full swing”. I think it’ll be fun to dive into university life when I get there, and I am hoping and praying that it all works out in my favor. But I have few doubts.

Lately I’ve had this sudden and unsolicited hankering to move to New England.. Massachusetts, maybe… It sounds nice. But California is nothing to shake a stick at.

Here’s to hoping I’m doing the right thing.




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