On the First Day of Christmas…

I have a big family. Really big. Gargantuan. Monolithic. Humongous. Whatever fancy word you’d like to use to describe it. It’s big. Having a big family means it’s almost always a hassle to schedule your Christmas festivities around each other. He’s working this day, she has off that day, but they don’t get off till 6. What are we eating? Who’s house are we going to? What am I bringing? Whose name do I have? Somehow, Christmas on my mother’s side ended up being yesterday (the 22nd). And, so, we ventured south to visit my grandmother (mom’s mom) and her side of the family for the first of four Christmases, sans Vince and Reese. (“Four Christmases”- haha, I sleigh myself…) The Vince joke would actually work.. I have an uncle named Vince who lives out of state and doesn’t get to visit often. Anyhew, the first day of Christmases was smashing and dazzling and extremely cold. Texas is so strange… One day it thinks it’s Arizona, and the next day it thinks it’s Maine. Make up your mind, dude. I won’t bore you with the little details of the day, but I was graciously given some sweaters, socks and a fabulous Kodak “Holiday Flash” Brownie camera from 1956 (40 years before I was born!) Image Also, I would like you all to please behold the glory of my sweater that I made the night before last. Image

Please disregard the dirty counter/mirror, but feel free to bask in the glory that is my sweater. My cousin Kalee and I decided it would be fun to wear “ugly” sweaters to Christmas this year, so, naturally I went all out.  Image

Side Note: I feel the term “ugly” sweater is rather incorrect. This thing is glamorous and magical. 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, whatever you celebrate! 



On the First Day of Christmas…

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